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Hackintosh audio: VoodooHDA without kernel panic

VoodooHDA is a simple kext that enables audio on hackintoshes. I tested it on OS X 10.9 Mavericks and 10.8 Mountain Lion (with iATKOS ML / ML2) and it just works. Of course it depends on your audio card, but as far as I know, it works on almost every card.

The problem is that VoodooHDA kext sometimes gives kernel panic. They seems to be totally random and sometimes disappear on reboot, sometimes not.

However, here’s the fix: VoodooHDA kext with kernel panic issue fix!

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – upgrade from iATKOS ML2

Mavericks on M17xR2

OS X Mavericks has just been released… for free. That means you can get it from the App Store and install it, as long as you already have OS X installed.
So, even if you’re running an hackintosh, you can download it from the App Store and avoid looking for it somewhere else.
But if you try to install it, you’ll find out that it just doesn’t work. It prepares for installation, then reboots on your old system as usual.

This guide will show you how I upgraded my iAtkos ML2 installation to 10.9 Mavericks using vanilla system files. You’ll need a spare USB drive (at least 8Gb). Installing from USB is easier, faster and cheaper (you don’t have to buy a DL-DVD for a one-time use).

PP25 per Mac OS X – installare gratis qualsiasi app senza jailbreak

PP25 per MacPP25 è un programma in lingua cinese che permette di installare gratuitamente su iPhone, iPod e iPad qualsiasi applicazione, anche quelle a pagamento, che sia presente sull’App Store (niente app non certificate e nessuna modifica al sistema), proprio come il vecchio Installous. Il bello è che permette di farlo anche a chi non ha un dispositivo con jailbreak, cioè tutti gli utenti di iOS 6.1.3 e del nuovo iOS 7 che non è ancora uscito definitivamente ma sicuramente è già usato da qualcuno.

RoboCup Soccer Simulator 2D Server on Mac OS X

RCSS Server and Monitor on OS X

RCSS Server and Monitor on OS X

After the Windows version, i tried installing RCSS 2D on OS X Mountain Lion. This is also undocumented, while it’s probably easier being OS X someway similiar to Linux OSs.

This time I compiled everything from source, so I’m sure it’s using the newer versions; to compile it you need MacPorts, a simple package manager, and XCode, which comes with building tools that MacPorts needs. You can get XCode from the App Store for free 😀

You need then the Robocup Soccer Server source: from this page you have to download rcssserver, rcssmonitor and rcsslogplayer (i’m using lastest versions, 15.2.2 server and 15.1 monitor and logplayer). Extract the archives in a folder that’s easy to access with the command line.