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HTC One M7 – improve battery life, undervolting

Battery stats for HTC OneI recently had some battery issue with my HTC One so I started some trials to get the most life out of it.

My final configuration uses:

ViperOne 5.7 ROM is one of the best HTC Sense ROMs for the One, heavily customizabile

ElementalX Kernel

Battery Monitor Widget allows you to see the battery consumption and keeps statistics

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Unbrick HTC One – HTC black screen with warning signs on edges

HTC RUU with alert signals

HTC RUU with alert signals

Today I had a problem while trying to return to stock my HTC One: I ended up having this HTC RUU Mode screen with warning logos on the edges and I found no way to get out of that; rebooting, even with VOL – pressed, brought me to that screen. I thought it was bricked, but don’t worry, there’s a solution!

My phone was S-ON and LOCKED, and it had a wrong CID: was set to HTC__405, which was not it’s original one, so I thought that there was a very little chance to recover it; however it can be done and it’s pretty simple (once you know what to do 😀 ).

I found out that, on that screen, fastboot OEM commands work. That doesn’t bring us directly to a solution, but it’s enough to start with!

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