Pebble with EmojiWe all know that Pebble is really handy when using messages, WhatsApp and in general when comunicating with friends; it allows us to read the message without the need to take the phone, but it has one limit: it does not display emojis, the emoticons that are present on almost every phone (the ones you can find in WhatsApp, for example!).

Now, it does!

I wrote an app that is able to flash a modded firmware, based on 2.0.2, which supports Emoji font set!

It can not support all emojis (there are thousands), but a basic support is enough when comunicating (I never used most of them).

You can find my app on App Store and on Google Play.

Or use the universal procedure which works on both iPhone and Android.

It supports both Pebble and Pebble Steel, you just have to select your Pebble hardware version.

When an official update comes, I’ll update the app to support it as soon as possible. However, it may take some hours since Google Play takes some time before relasing apps and updates.

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