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If you’re a Facebook page administrator, you probably know that there are lots of services providing Likes in exchange of other Likes, or worse, money.

One of these services is Like4Like, which is based on a point system. You earn points by liking other pages, photos etc, or you can buy points. After that, you can spend your points to get Likes. For example, you can set a page Like to 9 points, then, everyone who likes the page gets 9 points, and you lose them.

However, Like4Like has a “bug”. It allows also people to make someone follow them; and, on Facebook, profile URLs has the same structure as page URLs, so the website can’t tell if you are advertising a real profile, or a page instead. However, if you put a page, the Like4Like systems won’t be able to detect Likes and won’t take your credit. Of course, the “liker” won’t earn credits too 😀

facebook-like-iconSo, let’s register to Like4Like, if you validate your email you get 30 credits for free and can start without even click a Like.

Then, go to “Add and Manage Pages”, then “Facebook Subscribes” and add there your page URL (it must have a customized address, like ). Set credits to 9 or 10 and click on “Add URL”.

Then, just wait 😀

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