Battery stats for HTC OneI recently had some battery issue with my HTC One so I started some trials to get the most life out of it.

My final configuration uses:

ViperOne 5.7 ROM is one of the best HTC Sense ROMs for the One, heavily customizabile

ElementalX Kernel

Battery Monitor Widget allows you to see the battery consumption and keeps statistics

It’s possible to configure kernel options in VenomTweaks without installing other apps.

I recommend to set the following opions:

  • I/O Scheduler: row
  • CPU Governor: ondemand
  • CPU Min: 384 Mhz
  • CPU Max: 1728 Mhz
  • CPU screen off max: 1134 Mhz

I left the voltages untouched but I selected to undervolt to 775 mV (min) while installing ElementalX. Undervolting could go even further, just need to try some values. It may cause instability but all you have to do it reflash the kernel with higher voltage values to solve.

Performances won’t be affected because CPU frequency is untouched; it’s of course possible to overclock, but it will drain more battery. For me, it doesn’t worth it, but it depends on your needs.

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