Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – upgrade from iATKOS ML2

Mavericks on M17xR2

OS X Mavericks has just been released… for free. That means you can get it from the App Store and install it, as long as you already have OS X installed.
So, even if you’re running an hackintosh, you can download it from the App Store and avoid looking for it somewhere else.
But if you try to install it, you’ll find out that it just doesn’t work. It prepares for installation, then reboots on your old system as usual.

This guide will show you how I upgraded my iAtkos ML2 installation to 10.9 Mavericks using vanilla system files. You’ll need a spare USB drive (at least 8Gb). Installing from USB is easier, faster and cheaper (you don’t have to buy a DL-DVD for a one-time use).

  1. Download Mavericks from App Store. That’s simple, just open the App Store, reach the Updates tab and you’ll find the option to upgrade there. Once downloaded, it will try to install: let it do that, it’s extracting some files we’ll need later! After that, your computer will reboot on Lion.
  2. Download myHack. It’s a simple tool that allows you to put the OS X installer on the USB drive and boot from it.
  3. Download Multibeast. (requires registration, but it’s free). Multibeast will replace some system kexts and will apply some patches and fixes to make your system fully working again. After installing OS X, you’ll have vanilla files which won’t work as expected with non-Apple hardware.
    We’re downloading that NOW because network card may not work right after the upgrade.
  4. Run myHack. It will ask for your root password. After that, select the option to create an OS X install, then select 10.9; now select the volume you want to be the installer (probably the USB drive).Now it asks you to find the installation source: click on “Browse Manually”, then surf to /OSX Install Data/ and select InstallESD.dmg.Now just wait. The process is going to take a while, there might also be graphics issues (mine went to 104%), but it will eventually work. At the end, it will ask you if you want to apply the MBR patch. I use a GPT partition system so didn’t bother about that, but, as far as I know, the patch is not working on Mavericks yet.
  5. Reboot from the USB. Let Chameleon (or Chimera) boot the installer, then wait. This may cause troubles: some commands may help.
    Booting with -v uses the Verbose Mode, so you can see what’s wrong with the booting system.
    -x runs the Safe Mode (mine didn’t boot with -x).
    GraphicsEnabler=No disables some graphics functions. It’s needed on some new ATI cards. If you manage to go past the Apple screen with this command but are stuck in a white-gray screen with only the cursor, you have to reboot to OS X and delete some kext from the USB drive. My PC has an ATI HD5870 and I got it booting by deleting /System/Library/Extensions/AMD5000Controller.kext from the USB drive. Then run myHack again and select the “Remove problematic extensions” option. This will rebuild the kernel cache and avoid issues on boot.
    Install as usual on the drive where iAtkos is already installed. At the end of the installation, some pop-ups will ask to replace some system files. I answered YES to everything except the nVidia one (if you have an nVidia card you may want to replace this one as well). Then, reboot.
  6. OS X Mavericks should boot. Mine was on VESA resolution, but everything was working well. Of course I don’t know about your PC, but that’s what why we downloaded Multibeast. Open Multibeast and select options according to your hardware (and what you know was working on Lion and now it’s not). I made it also install Chimera, but i’m sure Chameleon can boot Mavericks flawlessy too.

25 pensieri su “Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks – upgrade from iATKOS ML2

  1. Matt

    Thank for this guide. I’ve tried everything and can’t make the installer boot. I am running iAtkos ML2 on an asus laptop (k52f) with a first generation i5 and Intel HD4000 graphics card. I got the ML2 installer to boot with no issues, but I can’t make the Mavericks installer boot up for anything. It keeps getting stuck after loading the bluetooth drivers (I don’t have a bluetooth adapter), so I tried deleting those, but no luck. I also tried using various boot flags, including those I use to make ML2 boot.

    Any ideas, or suggestions?

  2. Francesco Autore articolo

    Did you try GraphicsEnabler=No ?
    I had the same issue. However I’m not using an Intel graphics card so I’m not sure that’s the issue, but you can try.

  3. Andrew

    100% success accept Internet accounts system preference didn’t update it still says mail contacts and calendars and won’t open when i click on it because it wasn’t updated. Any ideas?

  4. Rulet

    Seems like this method works only with UEFI, not BIOS. Because on my computer when trying to update the installer says that system partition is not in GPT, or something like that.

  5. Francesco Autore articolo

    Not sure about that. Looking around I can find that it shouldn’t be like this. Maybe some BIOSes are updated to support GPT, or Chameleon works as a “medium” between the BIOS and the partition table (but Chameleon is on a partition, maybe it doesn’t have sense).
    However, I’m not having issues at all formatting my hard disk in GPT using Disk Utility. If you have a spare hard disk, or backups, try!

  6. Rulet

    Ok, I see. Seems like linux and mac os supports booting from gpt disk on some BIOS motherboards. So I have to move windows 7 to mbr disk first, because windows 7 doesn’t support booting from gpt on BIOS motherboards.

    By the way, how is mavericks to you, does all functions works which worked on mountain lion?

  7. Francesco Autore articolo

    Yes, I got everything working, just like on Mountain Lion.
    I think that, if your hardware is (quite) compatible, so that is worked well with ML, it should work also on Mavericks. Some old kexts still works (Voodoo ones for example).

  8. Andrew

    No. App Store method just reboots back into mountain lion. I wonder why the only thing that doesn’t update is the mail system preference. I don’t have UEFI I am using Bios.

  9. Rulet

    Well, I successfully updated the system to Mavericks using your advices, and it boots from gpt formatted disk on BIOS motherboard, the same as Debian Linux also boots from gpt.

  10. stblack

    I have a vmware machine with 10.8.5 (upgraded from iatkos 10.8.2 to 10.8.5), but I’d like to upgrade to 10.9.
    in your opinion it’s possibile ?
    I tryed to load iwork but I am unable to see my text on ipages when i write. The app are working well, and the menu is ok.

  11. Jean-Noël HAMON

    Good evening !!
    I dispoe PC Asus U30S with Intel and NVidia graphics processor
    I installed Virtual Box 4.3.4 with patch on PC with Windows 8 Pro
    I then installed OS for virtual Moutain Mac : everything works fine
    I then created the USB key with MyHack : the key has been created
    The USB stick is called ” EFI ” on Windows and there is no file visble
    With OS Mountain, the key is called ” OS X 10.9.1 myHack …. I Disc”
    I can not reboot with the USB device directly to the PC restarts directly under Windows 8
    I can not install either OS Mavericks with this USB key in the virtual Mac : message ” this installation Mètode operating sytem is not supported ”
    Finally, if I install Maveriks download on the Apple Store website , I return to OS Mountain restart the virtual machine after installation in Virtualbox .
    Can you give me advice that would be me well uttilees to arrive, finally, to operate Mavericks with VirtualBox ( or install Mavericks Dual Boot directly on the PC)
    Thank you very much for your help !

  12. Francesco Autore articolo

    Maybe it’s an issue with creating a bootable USB drive from a virtual machine (never tried that). Can you try creating it on a real hardware, then boot from it with VirtualBox?
    Another idea: if the virtual machine uses Chameleon (or Chimera), pressing F8 at boot will let you choose which drive to boot, even if it’s not directly bootable.

  13. Vincenzo

    ciao francesco, io volevo chiederti se aggiorno iatkos ml2 direttamente da mac app store maverick mi funziona?

    io ho un hackbook hp g61-430sl e con ml2 va bene, ho provato a portarlo a 10.8.3 e va bene ho scaricato 10.8.4 e ha iniziato a dare problemi e ciliegina sulla torta 10.8.5 al riavvio mi ha dato un kernel panic

    se aggiorno a 10.9.1 riesco a farlo girare o avrò problemi? premetto che non voglio testare xk in 15gg l’ho formattato e installato una 20ina di volte e non lo voglio fare più.

    tu che mi consigli?

  14. Francesco Autore articolo

    Se preferisci non fare prove te lo sconsiglio. Non so dire se e come funzionerà, anche se visti i passati probabilmente si, anche se comunque non sappiamo come e cosa.
    L’unico modo è proprio provare

  15. Francesco Autore articolo

    It’s a kernel panic, not sure what causes it though.
    However, with an Intel graphic card, you should be able to run with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. I don’t know if that may solve the issue, let me know.

  16. Cavila_106

    I tried with CPUS=1 and I got that, like a graphics problem!6545&parid=F1FA02CFE2A60829!1048&authkey=!AJGzebBAQe6kF0o&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

    Then I tried with GraphicsEnabler=No CPUS=1 and I got that!6546&parid=F1FA02CFE2A60829!1048&authkey=!AA8OSJ4Z4N-Y3Xk&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg
    But the circle is rolling for ever…
    Thanks for your answers!!

  17. Enrico

    Ciao io mi sono perso su un passaggio,quando vado ad installare Mavericks mi trova solo la chiavetta dove poter installare…

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