RCSS Server and Monitor on Windows 8

RCSS Server and Monitor on Windows 8

RoboCup Soccer Simulator 2D, also known as RCSS, is a set of tools developed to simulate football matches between bots. It’s the main “training ground” for people who want to create an AI team to play in the RoboCup Simulation challenge.

These tools are open source and their code is released on SourceForge, but, while you can find some guides on how to install it on Linux distributions (and on OS X is almost the same thanks to Macports), I couldn’t find anything about a Windows port.

Thanks to Cygwin, it is possible to compile and run it on Windows, and here you can find precompiled server and monitor executables:

– rcssserver.exe is a simple command line application, in fact this is the real simulator

– monitor.exe connects to the server and displays the match in a graphical environment

RCSS 2D for Windows – Download

Main project source – SourceForge