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How to downgrade Apple Watch from WatchOS 2 Beta to WatchOS 1.0.1

Apple_WatchApple recently released a new beta version of their WatchOS operating system for Apple Watch, WatchOS 2.

This system has, of course, some issues. There’s a reason if it’s a beta, after all!

However, downgrading from WatchOS 2 Beta 1 to an earlier version of WatchOS is not really straightforward as it’s with iOS.

If you have a backup of your Apple Watch made with an earlier version of WatchOS, like 1 or 1.0.1, you can downgrade. Backups are automatically created when you unpair your Watch or before initializing it.

If you do, you can downgrade your Apple Watch following these instructions:

  • On your¬†Watch, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings
  • Let it restore for a while. If it seems stuck with a black screen and pressing keys does nothing, keep pressed power and the digital crown to force a reboot
  • Connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone (iOS 9 is required at this time)
  • Restore your backup that features WatchOS 1 or WatchOS 1.0.1
  • (Optional) Now you can also downgrade iOS 9 to the official version!

UPDATE: it seems like this method does not downgrade the Watch.