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RoboCup Soccer Simulator 2D Server on Mac OS X

RCSS Server and Monitor on OS X

RCSS Server and Monitor on OS X

After the Windows version, i tried installing RCSS 2D on OS X Mountain Lion. This is also undocumented, while it’s probably easier being OS X someway similiar to Linux OSs.

This time I compiled everything from source, so I’m sure it’s using the newer versions; to compile it you need MacPorts, a simple package manager, and XCode, which comes with building tools that MacPorts needs. You can get XCode from the App Store for free 😀

You need then the Robocup Soccer Server source: from this page you have to download rcssserver, rcssmonitor and rcsslogplayer (i’m using lastest versions, 15.2.2 server and 15.1 monitor and logplayer). Extract the archives in a folder that’s easy to access with the command line.