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Cyrillic, greek and hebrew fonts for Pebble Time (and more!)

Cyrillic fonts on a notification on Pebble Time

Cyrillic fonts on a notification on Pebble Time

Pebble Time is out, and it’s amazing. But it’s still missing something.

It supports basic latin characters, but in some countries those are just not enough. Cyrillic alphabet is, for example, used a lot in the East-Europe or Asia.

That’s why I worked on some apps that allows the Pebble Time to display cyrillic, hebrew, greek, thai or vietnamese fonts.

Those fonts will be available in applications, notifications etc. In fact, those are system-wide fonts, so, when the right package is installed, every time the Pebble Time looks for one of those fonts, it finds and displays it, instead of showing an error square!

Those apps are available for both Android and iOS


The iPhone app features three language packs: Cyrillic, Greek & Hebrew and Thai & Vietnam.
You can install the one you need to enable the support for those characters.

On Android, there are three different applications, one for every package.

Cyrillic fonts for Pebble Time for Android

Greek & Hebrew for Pebble Time for Android

Thai & Vietnamese for Pebble Time for Android

As before, just get the right package and install it!