Translate your Pebble menu interface

Some Pebble translated menus

Some Pebble translated menus

If you own a Pebble, you know that its interface is in English.

If you prefer it to be in your main language, you can now localize it!

I made an iOS app which enables you to install different languages to your Pebble, it supports all hardware versions and it’s really easy to setup.

Pebble Translation enables you to localize your Pebble interface in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more languages are coming with new releases.

Plus, Pebble Translation adds specific fonts to fully support all languages: for example, cyrillic fonts will be installed in your Pebble and be available also for notifications.


To install your localization to your Pebble, you have to get the app; then just choose the language you prefer and your Pebble version (you can check in Settings > About > Hardware), then just wait a minute, and after a reboot, your smart watch will show your language!

If you want me to add a specific language, please let me know with a comment here.

Do you have an Android phone? No problem: just head here and download the app specific for your language!

15 pensieri su “Translate your Pebble menu interface

  1. Yair

    Hello, i have downloaded your app for translation of pebble watch. I installed the Hebrew version, but I didn’t know it will stop supporting the English language!
    Now I want to un do the installation and to go back to the previous English version.
    How can I do that?

  2. Francesco Autore articolo

    Just put your Pebble in recovery mode, keep pressed the Up, Down and Select button until you see the Loading screen.
    Then the Pebble app will install the latest official firmware, which is in English.

  3. Guy bet

    Hello. Your app does not work with newer versions of pebble so if I want it to work I have to downgrade to an older version- and then non of the other apps work. You have to mention it clearly!

  4. Francesco Autore articolo

    Hello, that’s not really how my app works. The only thing about updates is that, when Pebble releases a firmware upgrade, you have to wait for the translation app to update too, usually takes a week due to Apple’s review time. After that, you get the latest firmware, translated.

  5. Vlad

    I downloaded a russian language for pebble. I’m running V3R3 and 2.9.1 firmware. When I installed your app, it downgraded to 2.4.1 and now most of the watchfaces require the newest firmware. Are you planning to release a new version of your app ?

  6. Rohit

    Can you please add Hindi and Marathi ( languages from India). Both have almost same script, just 2-3 extra letters.
    Also with this change , will my incoming English messages won’t remain English ?? I prefer English to be English and Hindi/ Marathi in its fonts.

  7. Abdulaziz Naseef

    Hello. Great work. But i did not find my language. Please, Could you make a version for Arabic language.

  8. asaf


    i bought your app with hebrew fonts. it doesnt work on the new version of pebble time.
    can you update it?
    are the fonts relevant also for the notifications? so that i can read emails/calendar appointments in hebrew as well?

    thank you


  9. Francesco Autore articolo

    I released another app for hebrew on Pebble Time, however it does not translate it, only adds hebrew character support.

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