Some Pebble translated menus

Some Pebble translated menus

If you own a Pebble, you know that its interface is in English.

If you prefer it to be in your main language, you can now localize it!

I made an iOS app which enables you to install different languages to your Pebble, it supports all hardware versions and it’s really easy to setup.

Pebble Translation enables you to localize your Pebble interface in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more languages are coming with new releases.

Plus, Pebble Translation adds specific fonts to fully support all languages: for example, cyrillic fonts will be installed in your Pebble and be available also for notifications.


To install your localization to your Pebble, you have to get the app; then just choose the language you prefer and your Pebble version (you can check in Settings > About > Hardware), then just wait a minute, and after a reboot, your smart watch will show your language!

If you want me to add a specific language, please let me know with a comment here.

Do you have an Android phone? No problem: just head here and download the app specific for your language!

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